Thursday, April 28, 2011

hawaii romper.

romper outfit 3.

hi all!
the sun is shining bright today, despite all weather forecasts of rain. i was so encouraged by it that i thought i'd post some hawaii pictures.

this is a romper i found a while back at some thrift store... perhaps in Steveston? gee, i just can't keep track anymore. i adore the flower print and peter pan collar. although our trip was cut short, we had a decent amount of time outside and it was just glorious to be able to wear simple outfits again - no layers, scarves, tights and jackets... just a dress. a hat. perhaps a tote bag. i'm definitely most comfortable in simple, summer wear.

romper detail.

romper outfit 4.

beach hat 2.

romper outfit 5.

romper detail 2.

romper outfit 2.

beach hat.

maui beach.

beach w/ bro.

right now i'm working on a slideshow for my grandma's memorial service. what i love most about the process is looking through the many, MANY pictures of grandma laughing. she was known for her loud, joyous laughter and her great sense of humour. she loved to tease people, especially her grand-kids. this picture is really blurry because james took it on his cell phone - but she's in the process of telling him off for holding my hand. priceless!

outfit details:
- floral romper - thrifted
- red hat - thrifted (can't remember where i got these things!)
- backpack - UO
- vintage hawaii tote bag - Steveston Thrift Store

thank you again for all your kind words, and for continually dropping by the blog despite my absence!


PS please note the very long pit hair in that 2nd last photo - hehe, i've been growing it just like the parisians! ^_^

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

finding peace.

home 2.

first of all, i want to thank all of you for your kind words and condolences about my grandma. i was so very encouraged by all of them. bless you all for taking the time to write them!

i'm now gradually going through the process of coming to terms with her death, remembering her amazing life and cherishing all the good memories i have of her. one of the things that always helps me put this crazy world in perspective is to be in nature - surrounded by all things alive and woodsy and growing, yet temporal. so james and i took a trip out to a park that my family and i went to a lot when i was young and just walked around the woods. it was a lovely and encouraging afternoon.

grandma's sweater.



wide field.




daisy on sweater.

outfit details:
- mint knitted sweater: made and worn by my Grandma
- gold locket: has my Grandma's initials on it and pictures of my great grandparents inside... a true family treasure!
- high-waisted jean shorts: vintage Lee from F as in Frank on Main Street
- striped shirt: from Daiso in Richmond
- loafers: vintage, from Front & Co.

thank you again for the lovely words! an epic grandma post will be coming soon with lots of amazing old pictures. also, my pictures from our hawaii trip will be coming soon too, although it was cut short by my grandma's sudden illness so there aren't as many as i hoped. PS this is my hair with its natural curl, i'm trying to let it be for a while...

stay well dear ones,

Friday, April 22, 2011

RIP grandma.

hi everyone. sadly, we had to say goodbye to our beloved grandma, mother and friend yesterday at 12:02pm. she died peacefully, surrounded by her family. i can't describe how much of an inspiration my grandma has been to me over my lifetime, and especially this past 9 years she spent living close to us. i will always be thankful for her wisdom, her loving touch and her amazing, joyous laugh.

needless to say, i'll likely be absent for the next few days, but i truly appreciate your thoughts and prayers (and comments). thank you friends for your support and for providing an accepting place for me to express my grief, joy and love.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

maui forever...

maui thrifting.


well, i'm off to write my final exam and then i'll be taking off bright and early tomorrow morning for MAUI for a week with my fam! these are some thrifting purchases i found yesterday for the trip. i can't tell you all how excited i am to finally have a true vacation - but i also understand how incredibly lucky i am to be able to go. so a big shout out to momma for footing the bill!

i'll be sure to come back with lots of pictures...


Monday, April 11, 2011

spring pink.

spring pink.

oooo exams are in full-tilt now so this post has got to be a speedy one! i wore this simple and comfy outfit to my last women's studies class of the term... *tear* one day i'll compose a succinct and passionate post about my adoration of women's studies and belief that truly everyone (men and women) should take at least one class in their lifetime. but for now all of my passion and energy is being poured into cramming and paper-writing!

spring pink 3.



spring pink 2.

window bright.

i realized that i forgot to mention that i will be leaving for MAUI THIS FRIDAY with my mom and younger bro! this trip was very last minute so i think i'm still in disbelief that i will actually be somewhere tropical (sunscreen will be essential). while i'm gone i just may try to get jb to do a few guest posts, so stay tuned!

outfit details
- pink textured skirt: vintage daniel hechter from Front & Co.
- lace tee: AA
- booties: Spank Shoes
- mini backpack: UO sale rack

hopefully i'll be posting once or twice more before i leave. until then!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

peaches & jean.

peach outfit 1

get it? instead of peaches and cream?! ohh my wit is abounding lately.....  :l  everything in my soul is screaming SUMMER right now, and i can't wait to break out my vintage lee jean shorts and 90's tanks... i wore this blouse last summer, with some vintage shorts.


kate bush inspired.

this was another comfy cozy outfit i wore around the house and to go jean shopping. which was an utter failure. is it really this hard to find a pair of dark-wash, high-waisted skinny jeans for under $100? but truly, it's almost spring and i have this here pair of medium wash jeans that can last me through the season. things are not dire. i must stay strong.

...with that said, sometimes it does seem like such a trial to avoid rampant materialism. i find that my shopping "needs" go through the roof when i'm stressed - which is probably true for many people out there. and i know that blogs such as this one tend to perpetuate the feeling that we absolutely "need" those new jeffrey campbell boots or we "must have" that adorable designer bag we saw our favorite blogger wearing. i hope that i can at least promote a somewhat thrifty lifestyle and the beauty and inspiration one can find in nature and every day occurrences and surroundings - not just the rush of a fresh purchase. although sometimes i do get caught up in trying to find those hidden treasures!

reading - bored.

hair & blouse.


peach outfit 2

outfit details:
- stretchy high-waisted jeans that are totally fine for now: Urban Outfitters ^_^
- peach blouse: thrifted from VV
- kate bush tote: fieldguided (as you can see this tote has become my constant companion)
- boots: second hand from Front & Co.
- army jacket: vintage from Used

thanks again for stopping by everyone, and i truly appreciate your comments and "follows"!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

3 years mine, and many more.


today marks the 3 year milestone for jb & i. at the risk of gushing for pages on end, i will just say this: i am a lucky, lucky lady.


jb in slippers.

the infamous new morrissey haircut (please excuse the ugly lounging slippers). 

we've made it through some hard times, long distances and bad moustaches. our photography skills have thankfully improved, our fashion sense matured (phew), and most importantly our love and respect for each other has grown immensely.

jb's outfit details (in first 3 images):
- jeans: Levi
- shirt: thrifted from Used on Granville
- ugly slippers: Shoppers Drug Mart ^_^

thanks for sharing this special day with us, and continuing to enjoy our pictures and stories!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

aquarium times.

jellies 2.

nothing beats a new haircut and a sunday afternoon aquarium trip (jb got the haircut, more pics to come later). the aquarium was a total gong show, probably just because of the family time slot, but i attributed it to the popularity of jb's new haircut and his resemblance to a young, fresh-faced morrissey. so excellent!

big tank.


dolphin dive.

beluga wave.



aquarium close up.


dolphin wave.

dolphin sayin hi.

so i have to talk about this epic animal-human moment we shared with a dolphin. he came right up to the glass and stared at us for about 2 minutes (apparently just because of the light on jb's camera, but i attributed it to my dolphin-whispering skillz). i wanted to steal him right outta that false habitat and cuddle him a bunch then set him free. sigh. anyway, this was the lil' outfit i wore.

aquarium outfit.


outfit details:
- thrifted skirt (DIY hem job came undone... i really need a sewing machine!)
- loafers - from Front & Co. on Main Street
- thrifted mint wind-breaker
- gold old-man sweater - F as in Frank on Main Street
- thrited cream floral cardigan

it was truly lovely to hang with jb and the fishes and pretend i don't have finals creeping up on me. yay for the home stretch!

hope you all had a lovely weekend ^_^

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