Monday, December 19, 2011

yuletide light.



couple a kids


creepy z

house and light

sparkled glare



couple a kids 2

The other night Jb and I decided we wanted to capture the creepiness and the magic of Christmas lights. There are a lot of houses in our neighbourhood that are decked out and every time I walk by them at night I feel this deep sense of excitement lingering from my childhood. Like the glow of Christmas lights might just make something unexpected happen. Waking up early and walking into a room lit my Christmas lights gives me that same magical, nervous anticipation.

Do you have any touchstones of holiday inspiration?



  1. Love love love this creepy wonderful post. The colors are just so vibrant yet set against the dark of night. I can't wait to drive around and check out all the holiday lights in our city.

  2. Christmas lights are so magical, they evoke everything happy and exciting about Christmas from when I was a kid.

  3. As a little girl, what i like most is the Christmas tree. It looks so tall and so strong. Sitting underneath it makes me feel like I'm sitting under a real tree. I live in a city so I really don't see much of nature. :)

  4. i love sparklers! such great festive photos!
    <3 steffy

  5. Cool lights : ) There's nowhere like America for over the top Christmas decorations of all sorts, I was there a few weeks back, and found the same thing, sorta magical, sorta creepy. My Dad used to drive me and my three sisters to the local airport to see the Christmas lights every year, that would be my touchstone : ) Lame, but we were suitably impressed!

  6. amazing xmas photos! what camera do u use?

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    Cakesandshakes - I totally know what you mean. I used to love/hate those Christmas drives... :)

    Lorelai - we use a Nikon D40 and I edit my photos with a program called Toycamera Analog Colour.


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