Friday, December 16, 2011

peach lace.

peach lace outfit

low angle 2

peach lace

peach lace outfit 3

low angle

velvet bow

leather buttons


peach lace outfit 2

Hey there every-buddy!

Here is a dress I've been excited to show you all. I found it over a year ago in a discount bin at one of my favorite local vintage shops, Burcu's Angels. The material just jumped out at me: it's a very thick and sturdy peach lace. How amazing is that? But the dress needed a lot of work - the neckline was very unflattering (a high circular disaster that made my chest look unflatteringly huge) and the hemline was also pretty awkward. That was probably what landed it in the discount bin to begin with. But with a lower price I could justify doing a bunch of work on it. I took it to my local seamstress and she adjusted the hem and necklines... only she made the neckline too wide! Unless I wanted to show off some serious bra-strap, the dress was unwearable. I was pretty bummed. BUT... the other day I tried my hand at adjusting the neckline and covering the fold with some old leather buttons I had collected on my travels in South Africa. Voila!

These shoes have also been lifesavers on numerous occasions. I definitely recommend that every vintage-lover has at least one pair of comfortable, black t-strap heels. These little buddies are actually dancer's shoes so they're extra comfy - and the strap has a snap button so it's super easy to remove! That'll be handy when I get older and arthritic... hope these beauties last that long. ^_^

dress: Burcu's Angels on 16th & Main
t-strap heels: Annex Vintage
purse: vintage, thrifted
fleece-lined stockings: Vincent Park on Main (such a useful winter purchase!)
velvet bow: dollar store

Do you have some reliable vintage staples in your wardrobe? Or items that you've cherished for years?



  1. I LOVE the velvet bow in your hair! it's the perfect topper to this adorable outfit.

    x Michelle |

  2. Zoe! I love your tattoos, so earthy. They always make me smile!

  3. Thanks anon! I'm working on a "tattoo post" so stay tuned!

  4. You are such a doll Zoë!! I love the lace dress and your alterations look perfect. What a talented lady. You little hair bow is such a nice addition. I hope you went somewhere super fun in this pretty get up.

  5. You fixed that gooooood. :)
    The color of that sweet lace dress is so pretty. Like how you paired it will all black. I agree with you on black t strap heels. I had a pair but wore them into the ground.


  6. your dress is gorgeous!

    <3 steffy

  7. After all the work the dress really suits you! x hivennn

  8. that dress is so sweet :)

    also, just wanted to say that i love your blog and will definitely be keeping up with future posts!

    from, helen @ thelovecatsINC

  9. Definitely picked up some fleece lined tights from Welk's the other day. Can't wait to be warm in one pair of tights!

    This is such a wonderful outfit!!! From the gorgeous peach lace to the lovely surprise velvet bow, you look delightful. I need to find a decent pair of t-straps, the last pair I had hurt my feet. Will have to start stalking dancer's shops.

    Looking good lady :)

  10. absolutely beautiful dress.
    and i can't believe that velvet bow is from the dollar store! amazing.


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