Friday, December 30, 2011

favorite ensembles of 2011.

Happy Almost New Years everyone! I thought I would do a few year-in-review posts filled with my some of my faves. So in honor of 2011 almost being over, here are 11 of my favorite ensembles. Let's go back in time:


This winter has been full of velvet, lace, loafers and tote bags. Some highlights have included: winning Swedish Hasbeens Unisex contest, Jb & I exploring the creepiest hotel ever, and finding the best secret photo spot. My bangs are almost grown out (finally!) and I've enjoyed working at the lovely Old Faithful Shop over the holidays.


During autumn I rediscovered my love for pants (mostly due to the fact that I was riding my new bike a whole lot); also silky blouses, oxfords and nerdy glasses. I began another crazy yet rewarding semester of school and I also started to wear my hair in its natural curly state a lot more (mostly out of sheer laziness/loss of free time).

 Summer might be my favorite time of the year, fashion-wise. Although I love dressing up and layering, I feel most comfortable in simple and casual vintage ensembles. This past summer I pretty much lived in high-waisted jean shorts, straw hats and slouchy backpacks. Highlights included: our trip to Montreal and getting a new tattoo in honor of my Granny.


Spring was a time of comfy midi skirts and awkward bangs. I found it challenging to dress for the chilly Vancouver weather, but midi skirts and tights helped a lot. Spring was a difficult time for me as I lost my lovely Granny in April, but I found it very healing to look through old photos and channel her classic vintage style (the above dress was one of hers!).

Hope you've enjoyed this past year of LHV! It has truly been a beautiful one. I've loved meeting new readers and bloggers, as well as growing as a blogger myself. I'm so excited for what 2012 has in store!

More 2011 review posts to come...



  1. A year full of loveliness -wonderful!

  2. Thanks for the round up! I really enjoy your style :) xx

  3. All of the outfits are put together so well; they look so cute and effortless.
    -- Eden


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