Friday, October 14, 2011

new bike!


Biking is for nerds


Biking pants

Sunflowers & Scarves


WELL it seems I'm a blogger again! Who knew! Ha. I'm back for a bit, as promised, to show you some pictures of my lovely new bike! Her name is Stella and she's a dream. A classic Apollo road bike. Nice big frame to fit my tall bod and 12 gears to get me up those hills. A little work to be done on her still but we're doing well so far.

And hey! I just wanted to express my joy at finding two pairs of AA pants for $25 at Front & Company (a great consignment store on Main Street). Also a lovely employee named Alicia recognized me from the blog. Weird! But great. Thanks for reminding me that people still read this thing, Alicia. ^_^

outfit details:
- AA high waisted pants found at Front & Co. on Main Street
- Nine West silk blouse also from Front & Co.
- Vintage backpack
- Vintage acid wash jacket
- Thrifted scarf

PS for proof that I was actually wearing a helmet, see here!



  1. what a lovely steed! stella is such a good bike name too.
    and you even still look cute in your helmet!

  2. Love your look dear! Great blog :D

  3. Great bike, I like the name you chose for it too. Also your glasses are such a good colour.

  4. Your glasses are adorable! (So are the wheels)


  5. the bike is ALMOST as cute as your amazing glasses!

    <3 steffy

  6. It's great!! Reminds me a bit of the one dalas has, cause it's black with some cool gold details too. I love it! Also, your glasses are pretty rad.

  7. thanks for the mention girl! you have great style so of course people still read! it was so nice finally meeting you!

  8. like everyone else: WOW to this outfit... i LOVE the blouse! wanna make one.. i think i have an old vintage pattern for a bow shirt!

  9. nice new bike! love your glasses


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