Tuesday, September 13, 2011

everything's peachy.

peach outfit 2.

well, back to school has officially been marked by my first homework-induced meltdown! hooray! haha. this term my number one goal is to develop my stress-management skills a little. because nobody likes tense shoulders and acid reflux, right? i much prefer a cup of tea and some classical music to go with my gallons of reading, thank you very much.

in keeping with the classic neutral theme (it's very calming you know!), i found this lovely silk blouse at Joe and have been waiting for the weather to cool a bit to wear it (nothing worse than sticky silk).

peach outfit.

lucky cat.

beat up shoes.

peach outfit 3.

lucky smile.


and if the tea doesn't help, take pictures of flowers!

outfit details:
- H&M khaki's
- Thrifted gold belt
- Vintage oxfords from Mintage on Commercial Dr.
- Joe Fresh silk blouse
- Fieldguided tote



  1. i love those great pants and you always look extra tall when you take pics in your home, it reminds me of that movie being john malcovich hehe

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. I've just discovered your blog and I absolutely love your outfits and lovely photography!

  3. hehe, i am extra tall! i'm 5"11 without heels. but also that closet door is quite mini.

  4. The silk blouse is wonderful! And that canvas bag is so cute.
    Lovely blog, now following :-)

  5. I love your Oxfords, the colour is perfect for autumn! I, too, need to improve my ability to manage my stress...I'm just terrible at it...If you discover the secret, please let me know!

    Cat xxx

  6. i LOVE that silky top, and the color of your shoes is just fabulous!!

  7. Isn't silk wonderful? Great post, as per usual dear pal!


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