Tuesday, September 20, 2011

acid wash.


sometimes a girl's just gotta wear some acid wash. ain't nothing wrong with that.

i've been thoroughly enjoying wearing PANTS as of late. i think this is central to me wearing biking-friendly garb so that i can show of my new bike (pictures to come)! i've been bragging a good deal about it to anyone that will listen so i'll try to keep a lid on it. it's just exactly what i was looking for and i got a great deal on it so HOORAY! that is all.

acid wash outfit.

acid wash for life.

outfit details:
- UO jeans.
- thrifted acid wash jacket
- thrifted boots
- Fieldguided tote



  1. I know exactly what you mean about pants. It just feels so good to just throw them on and hop on a bike.
    Can't wait to see your biking pics!

  2. I like pants. Bloggers seem to miss out on pants a lot in favor of pretty dresses. Can pants become a trend or is that way too ridiculous?

  3. Looking forward to seeing your new bike :) x

  4. thats it??? thats all your guna say about you new bike? Dammmnnnn! Don't leave me hanging like that girl. I guess I gota wait to see the pictures.

    p.s. Acid was makes me hella happy
    p.p.s. when you guna come to SF so we can ride around and drink too much coffee?

  5. I've been super into pants lately too. Show us your new bike!!

  6. Veeeeery cute girl.

    I know! Pants are so easy and I finally get to wear them because of Fall (yay!) Congrats on the bike!


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