Monday, July 11, 2011

Montreal Post #2: Parc du Mont Royal.

park walk.

Hullo all!

So here are a few a bunch of our Montreal pictures - we have so many more, but I'm trying to limit myself from posting them all in one go... ^_^ A large-ish post on our favorite shopping and eating spots in Montreal will be coming soon! We couldn't help but take a monolithic amount of pictures, we just kept finding the most adorable places. Obviously we fell in love with Montreal, as many people do.

lion heart 2.

lion heart.

holding hands.

resting place.


for the common welfare.


facing woods.


little buddy.

These are from our trip to Mont Royal, which is a little mountain located in central Montreal. It was nice to get out of the concrete and into the woods for a short time (although we got extremely lost and sweaty and missed out on seeing the epic castle). But we did see a hilarious interaction between this little buddy-raccoon and a tourist eating a sandwich! So it wasn't a total failure. ^_^

Outfit details:
- Vintage brown floral dress from Citizen Vintage in Montreal (more info coming!)
- Minnetonka deck shoes/moccasins
- Vintage backpack from Annex Vintage in Montreal
- Straw hat from Chinatown

We're currently camped out with family in Toronto, our final destination will be Buffalo and then back to Vancouver! It's been an amazing trip so far. Can't wait to keep sharing photos with y'all!

Keep it real,



  1. omg youre too cute and i loveee those sunnies!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. Love this outfit, stylish tourist! Also that is one awesome bag and that is such an inspiring quote on the statue.

  3. What a fab outfit. I particularly love your sunhat. Looking forward to getting the shopping/dining lowdown on Montreal :)

  4. I love your straw hat, you look fabulous. Looking forward to seeing more photos!

    Cat xxx

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by while you were in town! We've linked to your blog on our site as well:

    Gorgeous photos!


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