Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kennebunkport, Maine.


Antique hunting, ice cream, colonial architecture, seafood and beaches: this pretty much sums up our time in the little coastal town of Kennebunkport, Maine. Plus visiting Jb's awesome Grandma and enjoying her amazing, home-cooked meals! I was pleasantly surprised by all the old buildings in and around Maine, as well as the epic antique selections. It really made me realize how much we scrounge for antiques over here on the west coast. At one point I happened upon a lady with a chest full of the most beautiful vintage baby's clothes - I was tempted to buy them all and hoard them until I have a babe of my own... but it felt a little too creepy. Plus I'm pretty sure Jb would have been a teensy bit freaked out... O_O

random antiques.

jb and antiques.
can you spot the banana?

seafood eating outfit.

white picket fence.

big house.

beach walk.

beach sit.

ice cream.

(local) crab sandwich.

Mmmm crab sandwiches.

outfit details:
- K. Brower floral shorts from Dream Apparel in Gastown
- Thrifted blue button up
- Minnetonka shoes

jb's outfit:
- Thrifted striped tee
- H&M cord shorts (DIY)
- Converse shoes 

More to come!



  1. Love those floral shorts, so great for antique hunting!


  2. I love going antique hunting, you never know what you will find!


  3. It sounds like an idyllic vacation-- antiques, the shore & architecture. I'm envious of all the amazing seafood you must have consumed, it's hard to find well priced, tasty seafood in landlocked Chicago. :(

  4. That beach looks so relaxing!! The water is sparkling and the sun is out!! Beautiful. :)

    Love those little shorts you got on. They look comfy.

  5. Perfect outfit for a day spent antique shopping! I just love looking through your photos, they are always so different from anything I'd see in London (like that beautiful all-American white picket fenced house!) - a nice form of escapism from the rain and grey of London!

    Cat xxx

  6. Your outfit is really has a sea-faring feel to it :) I love your beach pics too.

  7. Oh my gosh! This looks like heaven. I'm so glad you had/are having a good time. I have your package almost ready to go. It was harder to find actual clothing, but I've lots of accessories and other goodies for you. :D

  8. all of these are lovely but i can NOT believe you were so close to where i live and i didn't know about it! also in an odd twist of fate i went on an impromptu roadtrip to freeport, maine last weekend! we were probably just miles away from each other! next time you are in new england, let me know! <3

  9. i love your shorts with that bright top. i really love your style... so much!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  10. that photo of the water is making me wish i had a beach vactation coming up-- so pretty! never been to that area but would love to explore it one day.

  11. suuuper cute! and heck yea! over here on the east coast, new england in particular, is amazing for antiques! and real old houses and junk! also my favorite blueberry beer is from kennebunkport!

  12. this seems like such a lovely visit. also you have so many lovely shorts! it makes me want to wear less dresses!

  13. Your tie up top is oh-so divine! <3 I love the cute brooch too!

    Lost in the Haze

  14. Your boyf takes great photos of you!! It helps that you're so well styled as well.

    How long is your vacay?



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