Sunday, May 8, 2011

mothers & grandmothers.

gammy sunnies

happy mother's day everyone!

well, here we have the magnanimous ruth cutforth: full of vibrant joy and exuberant laughter, always wore at least 3 sparkling rings on meticulously manicured fingers, a sensible yet fashionable frock, a giant purse full of goodies for her grandchildren (and maybe a few for herself) and constantly sported an impeccable perm. my grandma was a total fashion inspiration for me growing up. although i believed her clothes to be outdated when i was a kid (FOLLY!), i was always in awe of her classic choices and attention to detail. (seriously, i don't think i ever saw her with a broken or unfiled nail in my life.) i was lucky enough to be given a few of her frocks, which i altered to fit me and will forever cherish! love you my wonderful gammy!

kids laughing

gammy portrait

gammy england

by the car

me & gammy 2.

me & gammy.

grandma & ice cream.

grandma's dress.

dress & hair.

grandma's mirror.

for my amazing momma (who can be seen looking adorable in the 2nd and 5th pictures on the far right): a picnic basket with red pepper jelly and cheese knife from old faithful, as well as some camembert, brie and dark chocolate. eventually she will need someone to help her eat them, at which point my schedule will be clear i'm sure.

outfit details:
- stripey graphic dress: vintage from my grandma
- red belt: thrifted from ??
- tooled leather purse: thrifted from an antique store in fort langley
- white dance shoes: vintage, thrifted from ??

thanks again for continuing to drop by and for all your comments!



  1. Your grandmother's dress looks beautiful! What a lovely tribute to, clearly, a fabulous woman.

    Cat xxx

  2. Aw, it looks like everyone in your family has been stylish for all time! You look wonderful in your grandma's dress... I wish I had some of my grandmothers' things, but I guess memories and photographs are something.

    I'm free too, whenever that cheesebasket gets opened. ; D

  3. this is honestly the sweetest thing. seeing you in your grandma's dress after seeing it on her pretty much brought tears to my eyes. you're such a lucky girl! (:

  4. that dress looks great on you!

  5. aw you look so pretty and i love the old photos!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  6. this vintage dress remake is so great! It was such a great pattern and style to begin with! great job.

    Latte Loves Style

  7. I love your grandma's dress, you both look gorgeous in it!


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