Monday, April 11, 2011

spring pink.

spring pink.

oooo exams are in full-tilt now so this post has got to be a speedy one! i wore this simple and comfy outfit to my last women's studies class of the term... *tear* one day i'll compose a succinct and passionate post about my adoration of women's studies and belief that truly everyone (men and women) should take at least one class in their lifetime. but for now all of my passion and energy is being poured into cramming and paper-writing!

spring pink 3.



spring pink 2.

window bright.

i realized that i forgot to mention that i will be leaving for MAUI THIS FRIDAY with my mom and younger bro! this trip was very last minute so i think i'm still in disbelief that i will actually be somewhere tropical (sunscreen will be essential). while i'm gone i just may try to get jb to do a few guest posts, so stay tuned!

outfit details
- pink textured skirt: vintage daniel hechter from Front & Co.
- lace tee: AA
- booties: Spank Shoes
- mini backpack: UO sale rack

hopefully i'll be posting once or twice more before i leave. until then!



  1. i love that pastel pink skirt, and your glasses are so cute :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. Dang...have fun...Bring that skirt with you ;)

  3. Sadly I haven't been back to Maui since we moved 16 years ago... it's likely to have changed quite a bit since I've lived there! My dad & I used to go to this row of antique shops, I think they were on Market Street in Wailuku (the next town over from Kahului where the airport is). We also used to go to swapmeets on Saturday, they should have some vintage items (I'd ask at the hotel to see if they know where any are taking place). Old town Lahaina is also a fun area to walk around/eat.

  4. Eeeee how fun! Have fun in sunny hawaii. Love your outfit, the colors are perfect.

  5. hi Zoe...I'm not too into fashion, etc...but i love reading your's so refreshing to see a creative, intelligent, 'stick it to the man' (or consumerism/mass market, etc.) yet simple approach to fashion...

    don't know if that makes sense?! but yes, i adore 'thrifting' too (more for books, old toys, occasional clothes, etc), and I often find myself saying to myself when I'm shopping...that would look cute on Zoe!

    all the best, and enjoy Maui,
    Jackie poon

  6. such a pretty outfit, love the skirt and sweetness of the whole look

  7. This is an amazing outfit, so perfect for our Vancouver weather today! I'm considering taking a women's studies class, looks like you've convinced me to take one next semester :) Have fun in Maui, be sure to pack tons of sunscreen and a nice big ol' floppy hat <3!

  8. So beautiful. The texture of that skirt is just amazing. As is the little texture pattern on the shirt. I think I distinctly remember my mom wearing shirts like that when I was young. Lovely :)

  9. Jackie - thank you! i'm so glad you enjoy the blog and that's so touching that you think of me when you're shopping, ha! i love it. thanks for the lovely compliments and i hope you keep reading, it's so nice to have "real life" friends as readers.

    Leilani - thank you for your tips, I'll definitely check out Market Street and the swapmeets!

  10. I love this outfit! The textures and soft colors are so pretty :D

    xo, Bruklyn

  11. Gorgeous.

    I love me some pastel on black.

    And you're just so lovely and wonderful. I like that.

    Congrats to you and your gentleman as well + good luck on your papers and cramming. Boy doesn't that sound delightful?!


  12. Mmm there are some good textures going on in this outfit. And have fun in Maui!

  13. You are BREATHTAKING. I adore the very subtle mixing of patterns here. And the glasses! Holy crap, it's just perfect.


  14. Gorgeous, as always. Just to let you know, you get a little mention in my most recent post: xx

  15. adorable, and I love your glasses :)


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