Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

favorite place.

cliff edge 2.

everyone has a place they find themselves returning to year after year, in search of deep, unadulterated peace. i want to share this place with loved ones, give it as a present to those in need of escape, all while hoarding it to myself. i want it to be preserved, untouched and sacred. when i venture out here, i make up elaborate fantasies of setting up a cabin in the woods that looks out to the horizon. i would live out my peace every day. eventually forgetting feelings of fear and entrapment. being so content that one day i'd die without even knowing it, having found what i was looking for i would subtly float away; no fear, no goodbyes, no holding on. the woods would take me in as one of their own.

cliff edge.


raise your tiny fists like antennas to the sky.

little maze.


tree elf (revised).


being shadows.

jb sandwich.

cliff edge 3.

sand dune.

mixed up leaves.

people shadows.


......we found some treasures. i forgot how great it is to cherish things from nature (when did we lose that ability)?


also got to pet a horsie. best day ever.

outfit details:
- gold grandpa sweater: f as in frank vintage
- stripey dress: h&m
- big scarf: christmas?
- shades: thrifted garage sale
- hiking boots: thrifted
- thick socks: joe

Sunday, October 10, 2010

new house.

the wall.


minty shelf.

kitchen table.


hand sewn.

organ keys.



framed magic.

little pumpie.


my neighbourhood.

past love.

bedtime dreams.

soaking up the rays.

so this is the new place (minus the bedroom - which still needs tinkering)! we've managed to stuff the very last cardboard box away in the dusty (and spider infested) basement and finally make our home look lived in. huzzah! also, my tattoo is complete with colour now. some stupid customer at work said it looked like a "sticker" but i am deeply content with the magical forest-scape it has become. double huzzah!

what i love most about our abode (other than the great neighbourhood and abundance of interesting birds that live around us) is the fireplace or HEARTH. it's totally non-functioning but full of handsome, confident charm. kind of like the entire british royal family. only less cousin-marrying. also the high ceilings, wainscoting and large windows are nice. and the fact that our grandma trinkets totally fit into the 1915-ish era is icing on the poundcake.

do you guys have any lovely household trinkets you're proud of?

outfit details:
- thrifted yellow crop top
- brown high-waisted trousers from Deluxe Junk
- thrifted beige grandma sweater w/ brass buttons
- shell ring from The Fair

thanks for stopping by!

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