Wednesday, June 30, 2010

leslie the bike.

after much humming and hawing, i've finally managed to find a girl's vintage cruiser that fits my tall 5"11 body! she's in great condition, and came complete with a vintage tire pump, upgraded breaks, and an adorable bell (that i can't stop ringing for the life of me). her name is leslie.

so we took ol' leslie and steve (jb's bike) to the beach to celebrate their union. mm, nothing better than a seat on the beach with your eyes on the sunny horizon. it was a beautiful day. props to jb for encouraging me to bike up those big hills. i was a total wimp, for reals.

this outfit was really practical for biking - the socks kept my legs relatively warm, the shorts were loose enough to be comfy, and the silk blouse added that femininity with its lovely peter pan collar. you guys have any tips on cleaning silk clothes at home (without a dry cleaner) though?

sunglasses: Bang On
green silk blouse: thrifted
gold belt: thrifted
cream purse: was my Momma's
jean shorts: thrifted VV
knee socks: UO
sandals: UO
bird shadow: awesome fluke

note the "Free Spirit" brand name on Leslie!

All photos by JB/ZB.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the face house.

after a jaunt to our local SPCA (where i was extremely tempted to bring home numerous animals to our no-pets-allowed abode) a game of frisbee and some garage sale hunting, we decided to take some pictures at this cool abandoned house near jb's work. talk a closer look... some cheeky artist really had fun with this one. i love how they gave the face a creepy 'stache. mad props to the artist, whoever you are.

this pencil skirt made me feel very feminine, and that little pocket comes in handy i tells ya! i like to think the original owner - a very dapper lady - kept her monogramed hankerchief in that pocket. i bought this lovely gold plated watch at the old antique store that was once in steveston... but alas, it is no more.

stripey tee: retro rock vintage downtown
blue pastel pencil skirt: thrifted vv
leatherish flats: thrifted vv
purse: thrifted salvation army
sun glasses: garage sale
vintage watch: antique store in steveston

after our explorations we stopped in at the foundation on main street. one of our favorite go-to vegetarian restaurants in vancouver, this place always brings a solid vibe (with great quotes on the walls) and wicked yummy nachos. we had an amazing vegan sugar pie. mmm.

All photos by ZB and JB.

Monday, June 14, 2010

blogging bummer DENIED!

oh snap! we totally OWNED you, corrupted memory card! you were all like "i'm gonna steal your pictures and not let you upload them" but we were like HELL NO and we recovered that shit. well actually, jb recovered that shit. and this is yet another reason why he is NUMBER ONE BOYFRIEND WINNER.

... ahem. so anyway, i present you with our lovely picnic day at stanley park. we went all out on this one folks. hummus, paté, the fancy brand of crackers, and a mango/strawberry fruit salad for dessert. it was amazing. someone even came up to us afterwards and gave us free birthday cake! best gift ever. (PS i included the recipe/instructions for the ultra-easy fruit salad at the bottom.) (PPS please excuse some of the weird lines in the photos, the memory card did leave its corrupted mark on a few images.)

booties: thrifted from Little Miss Vintage on Commercial Dr
mint jacket: thrifted from Senior's Centre downtown (!)
straw hat: thrifted from Steveston Thrift Store
leather bag: thrifted from VV

mango/strawb fruit salad:
- slice up mango into cubes
- slice up strawb into cubes
- mix with tablespoon of honey and coconut shavings
- consume.

All photos by JB.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

my first blogging bummer.

so jb and i went to stanley park on the weekend and took about A MILLION photos. we were really proud of what we captured (the lighting was just lovely) and i couldn't wait to post them... but when we came home our camera's memory card was full, but our pictures weren't showing up! HUGE BUMMER. we're working on recovering those pictures but if not i WILL take more this weekend on our trip to the Seattle True Indie Film Fest!

for now i will leave you with this example of why i love the internets:

Monday, June 7, 2010

canadian rose: nell shipman.

oh what a darling, young heroine. an early pioneer to canadian filmmaking, a revolutionary feminist of her time, a lover of bears and dogs and nature and also, completely bonkers. nell shipman is my hero.

one of the first women to find widespread success in a directorial role during the silent era, her films (like "Back to God's Country", the most successful canadian silent film EVAR) were often set and filmed in the wilderness with nature and wildlife being integral to the films' plots.

what i most love about shipman is her total denial of the patriarchal systems that were set in place in filmmaking of that time (and some would argue are still in place in hollywood). her stories centered around female characters that took charge, fooled authority figures, saved animals and killed bad guys rather than playing the role of a passive, victimized damsel-in-distress. in fact, her characters often ended up saving the male protagonist - when you think about it, this portrayal of women was revolutionary for filmic narrative of that time.

shipman also acted in the first nude scene ever in "Back to God's Country" - she is overseen bathing in a creek by male onlookers. this is really interesting to me because you'd think that being so strongly opposed to the patriarchal stereotypes of the time she would want to avoid male objectification. but when i watched the scene it is shown as completely natural - in no way is shipman flaunting herself to entice the male gaze, there's no close up of her gently lathering her legs or tossing her hair back, she's just swimming with her pet bear. at the time this openness to the human form was unheard of and to me (and many others who saw it) it was natural and innocent, just a woman in god's country. it's sad to see how many filmmakers chose to portray female nudity now.
nell shipman was strong, confident, creative and not afraid to be considered a total nut job. although her film career ended up going down hill after years of opposition and her marriage fell apart, nell continued to write and direct well into her later life as well as speak as an animal rights activist for many years and operate her own zoo (in which she kept her many dogs, bears, rodents, etc...)!

on top of all this she also had wicked style. i raise my fist for you ms. shipman. total platonic girl crush.

you can read more about how awesome nell shipman is here and here.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a park day.

seeing as the weather has been so dismal in vancouver lately (and elsewhere on the west coast i hear), i thought i'd post some (a lot) of pictures from our park day. they're from this great park on a huge hill in east vancouver. from the top of the hill you can watch baseball, count the skytrains going by, marvel at the mountain-scape or take pictures of the huge eastvan cross in the distance. we also found a fantastic little community garden, with a beehive! (no pictures, we were too scared to get close.)

this outfit was fairly simple, combining some of my absolute favorite for spring: peachy goodness, chambray, military jackets, tooled leather purses and nautically inspired shoes (or nautically inspired anything for that matter).

men's military jacket: vintage from Used
peach sweater: thrifted
silver heart locket: ebay
white tights: The Bay (not really shown but there's a nice floral pattern on them)
chambray shorts: thrifted
nautical deck shoes: vintage from Temple of the Modern Girl Boutique
tooled leather purse with CHARGING STAG AND GRIZZLY BEAR: vintage from Capetown
glasses: Bang On

mmm sushi afterwards, perfect end to the day. i went to a poetry slam yesterday and one of the lines i heard was "anyone who doesn't like japanese food has nothing interesting to say". *thinking* yep, fairly accurate.

All photos by JB.
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