Sunday, April 25, 2010

long horizons.

hello beautifuls,

today we went to a shore. it was way out near the airport, a very surreal little flatland beach tucked behind highways, runways and skytrains where you can watch the airplanes float into our bustling city. i used to come here often when i lived at home - the endless horizon used to put all those little family tiffs into perspective... well, almost. :)

the wind was so strong yesterday! it was an amazing feeling. i ended up leaving my sweater on for the most part, though i hadn't planned to. i kind of like how it added colours and layers the outfit though. i was really going for a romantic, victorianesque picnic (i mean, who wouldn't want to go to one of those?)

oxford boots: thrifted from Mintage
DIY shorts (used to be huge mom-pants): thrifted
safari dress: thrifted
sweater: thrifted from Pink Elephant
glasses: Bang On
messenger bag: thrifted
straw hat: thrifted
lace top: thrifted

obligatory jumping shot. this is JB, the BF/photographer!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

le sigh.

ohhh dear, i have been neglectful. the BF was away for a few days and i definitely got lazy with the photo-taking (and thus blogging). but here's something that shook me out of my inactive state (quite literally, i fell off my bed while looking at it). the collection is by alexandra grecco. get ready for some serious fashion lusting.

All images care of Alexandra Grecco

rompers and scallops and bows, oh my! this collection has been all over the blogosphere (hideous word) and it's easy to see why. i don't think i've EVER been as completely in clothes-love before. also the gorgeous lady in the above picture is hannah metz from hannah and landon. her blog is absolute beauty, and her photography is ethereal. her style inspires me daily (i even bought a vintage romper, hat and fascinator the other day... outfit to come...)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

look deep, deep, deep into nature and then you will know everything.

ever since the day my parents decided we could explore the ravine behind our childhood house (but only if we brought the dog with us for protection) i've been deeply and ardently in love with nature.

so much was accomplished in those woods. we built a treehouse (which consisted of a single plywood board shoddily nailed into two branches), collected snails (the slimier the better), raced boats in the creek. at times i would spend hours alone in a glade arranging rocks and twigs to resemble a "village", only to have it washed away by rain the next day. one day i missed a step on the slope and fell tumbling down the mossy hill, crashing through brambles and eating mouthfuls of dirt. and yet even at 9 years old, when feelings can so easily be hurt and fear of the world is so commonly bred, i did not hold these things against the Forest. i knew it could be harsh and wet and frightening and full of roots and rocks and slimy, mouldy bugs and that my villages would wash away and my boats would be crushed by the current, but even though i would hold grudges for weeks because a friend didn't invite me to her birthday party i gave the Forest no cold shoulder. i think i knew then that its immensity overshadowed my childhood impatience; and though i could be terrified of a shadow in my closet, i knew the Forest was neither good nor evil. it was ancient. alive before definition existed. and in that sense, i came to know the divine through Forest. i find it there still.

jeans: Urban Outfitters
boots: Urban Outfitters
sunglasses: Bang On
red silk blouse: vintage Ulavit Paris
scarf: thrifted

jb was an epic tree climber.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

candy plaid.

oh hi there!

thanks for dropping by my budding blog. just my second post and i seem to have caught the blog fever. i'm loving setting up, shooting and editing these photos. i also think the onset of spring and sunshine and all things lovely and blooming might have something to do with my sudden motivation... every spring, without fail, i'll have an "epiphany"and realize i really do love Vancouver. living in a rainforest isn't easy, i tell ye!

blouse: thrifted from Salvation Army
high-rise skinny pants: BDG from Urban Outfitters
purse: a gift
sandals: thrifted from Temple of the Modern Girl Boutique
copper leaf necklace: thrifted from Tapestry Thrift Store

so my quest for the perfect high-waisted pants (on a shoestring budget) has finished. i gave in and bought these UO skinnies on our trip to Seattle for our 2 year anniversary (JB is my lovely boyfriend/photographer). you know those searches for the perfect item that just end up taking MONTHS? this one actually included a frantic shopping trip downtown during the Olympics (insanity) and walking into a man outside True Value Vintage who had decided to pee in the doorway.

… but it was all worth it! i can finally wear all my crop tops with ease!

i’m going to go soak up some sun. more to come soon.

PS i got this hair idea from the amazing Orchid Grey .

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


hullo there!
welcome to lion heart vintage. my name is zoë. i've been reading and taking part in the online fashion/blogging community for about a year now and have finally drummed up the courage to start my own blog.

as are most vintage-wearers /thrift-hounds, i'm inspired by all things old and with a story. i adore dents and scratches and worn out corners. in this blog i hope to focus not on the vanity of posting personal portraits (which is easy to do!) but on why fashion is such an important creative outlet for me and many others, while documenting the inspiration behind my style - namely art, film, history, photography, music, picnics, true love, forests, knitting, peeling paint, sailboats, children's books, grandma's, tree-climbing...

this outfit has transitioned me from winter to spring on many occasions. i used to stray away from drapey tops and neutrals because of my curves and pale skin. but now i say hooey! you just have to make it work for you, right?

*all clothing is thrifted*
sweater dress: Noannu
military boots, scarf and purse: Salvation Army
brown belt: Retro Rock Vintage (downtown Vancouver)
glasses: Bang On (totally fake!)

thanks for dropping by, more to come soon!
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