Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the face house.

after a jaunt to our local SPCA (where i was extremely tempted to bring home numerous animals to our no-pets-allowed abode) a game of frisbee and some garage sale hunting, we decided to take some pictures at this cool abandoned house near jb's work. talk a closer look... some cheeky artist really had fun with this one. i love how they gave the face a creepy 'stache. mad props to the artist, whoever you are.

this pencil skirt made me feel very feminine, and that little pocket comes in handy i tells ya! i like to think the original owner - a very dapper lady - kept her monogramed hankerchief in that pocket. i bought this lovely gold plated watch at the old antique store that was once in steveston... but alas, it is no more.

stripey tee: retro rock vintage downtown
blue pastel pencil skirt: thrifted vv
leatherish flats: thrifted vv
purse: thrifted salvation army
sun glasses: garage sale
vintage watch: antique store in steveston

after our explorations we stopped in at the foundation on main street. one of our favorite go-to vegetarian restaurants in vancouver, this place always brings a solid vibe (with great quotes on the walls) and wicked yummy nachos. we had an amazing vegan sugar pie. mmm.

All photos by ZB and JB.


  1. I love the detail on the back of the tshirt! It makes me happy. :)

    Also, hi! Not sure I've commented here before but it's nice to "meet you", blogwise.

  2. what a fantastic summer outfit. I almost don't buy any bottoms anymore unless that HAVE pockets! They are just too important! lol

  3. My blog uses the Picture Window template which I like pretty well. I'm not particularly code-savvy, so it's not much fancy, I just played with the settings until I was satisfied with it. I think it would be pretty easy to find a tutorial on how to customize it with code, though! I wish you luck.

  4. I like the red&white&blue combo! That is a pretty funny house. I didn't go to the Foundation on this trip because I wanted to do all new stuff, but I sure do love their super big nacho plate!

  5. New site is awesome!

  6. i just recently came across your blog. i like your photos and your fashion sensibility. that face house is so unique. your top is really really cute-i love the back detail.


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