Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I ain't Yours



shorts and stuff

what? v2.0

Thrifted vintage jean shorts, sunglasses and army jacket
Oak + Fort crop top
Forever 21 sandals
Vintage purse from C'est La Vie 

Ode to the Street Harasser
I wear these for ME
My nails are for ME
I show these for ME
My lipstick's for ME
So nice try
Big Guy
But nothing that you see is yours to keep
Nothing that you see is yours to need

Nothing that is mine is yours to know
So shut your mouth
and hit the road


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring 'tude.




MS wide_effected


blue sky_effected

hands crossed_effected

All items thrifted/vintage except Oak + Fort geode necklace and American Apparel watch

This spring has really brought out a tough 'tude in me. Perhaps it's a feeling of transition - of feeling that for the first time in a long time that I am growing more deeply into my ~true~ self. Or perhaps it's just that I am nearing the end of my degree and my general attitude towards life is most eloquently summed up by Royal Tenenbaum: "I'm talking about takin it out and choppin it up".  Either way, I've been enjoying wearing too-big jean jackets, ripped tights and tomboy styles while scraping my knees and tearin up the town. (This of course is also coupled with a decent amount of decidedly un-badass-like behaviour such as couch naps, foot soaks and robe-wearing. Gotta keep it real.)

There is something so infinitely satisfying to me about savouring an element of messiness in outfits... making sure to not be too manicured; to have some aspect of grittiness. For me it comes back to the old idea of balancing dominant expectations of masculinity and femininity. I perform my "femininity", and often that performance brings me pleasure and joy. Lipstick, skirts, eye liner, heels. Yet by refusing to paint over that chipped nail polish, dye my grey hair, or cover up that knee scab, I feel just "masculine" enough to be authentic. I can savour my inner sassy butch.

How do you embrace your masculine/feminine sides?


Thursday, April 17, 2014


Jean/Stripe 2

Jean/Stripe 1


Jean/Stripe 3



Walkin away

Vintage jacket & sunglasses
Joe Fresh dress & wedges 
Thrifted necklace 
Fieldguided Tote

I'm baaaaaack!

These are some photos from last Spring, but I'm still loving the simplicity of combining this baggy jean jacket with understated stripes. Also these shoes make me like 6"3.  ^.^
Can't wait to take some more current shots, and I'm looking forward to getting this blog back up to par. Love y'all.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

At long last... Wedding Photos!


I'm so stoked to share a few of my favorite wedding photos with you all, after a good four and a half months! Ha. Forgive me! (To see more of my favorite photos check out my Flickr stream.) Our amazing photographer, the lovely Anja Verdugo (of Clever Nettle and ANN-YA fame) has recently been building her new wedding photography company, Wild Hearts. And I have to say, I cannot sing her praises more. Herself and her partner in crime, Rachel Rilkoff were the most incredible, fun, professional duo to have behind the lens - and they really captured the beauty of the day. THANKS TO THE MAX.


















So... I have a lot of complicated things to say about weddings in general, but to be honest... after writing a bunch of papers I just don't have it in me right now! If you're interested in hearing my thoughts on how to balance your values and expectations while resisting/navigating the insanity of the wedding industrial complex drop me a line! :) I will say this: I realize that in posting these images, I am reinforcing a certain dominant standard in the world of "weddings". A heterosexual couple, a white dress, multiple DIY details (which implies the leisure time to put these together), a certain budget, a beautiful location. In many ways we were very fortunate (for example, we got our venue, photography and my dress essentially for free, along with a random horsie visitor to take photos with!) - and in many ways we are privileged (we are white, we are heterosexual, our decision to marry was not challenged, policed or denied). However, I also believe it is possible to wrestle with this dominant standard, while on some level being complicit in it. There is value and worth in marriage as a statement and as a commitment, and as a recognition of a beautiful partnership. I also believe that marriage (and weddings as a potential symbol of marriage) may look and feel different for many different people. And that every person, regardless of sexual orientation or any other factor, has the right to express this commitment and have their marriage recognized.

On a practical note, our budget for this thing was small, and we needed to do most of it ourselves. This involved a bunch of thrifting, months of prep, and LOTS of help from lovely friends. For me, it was well worth it. I reveled in the creativity and drive that it allowed me to express. But I can see how this wouldn't be worth it for many - and that is a-ok. This thing would have been just as meaningful as if we had done it around plastic lawn chairs in our backyard, however the pride I felt in executing such a number gave it an extra special significance. The fact that we pulled it off with the help of our incredible and selfless friends and family made it even better.

My dress was made by the fabulous and talented Victoria Jago, my beloved designer buddy, with embroidery done by my talented textile artist friend Amanda Haw. The wedding was on Salt Spring Island in my home province of British Columbia - the most magical and effervescent place. All of the people we interacted with on the island were of a rare and beautifully generous kind (case in point: our gorgeous venue was offered to us for free from two complete and total strangers). I wore a locket that was given to my Grandma when she was a girl, it has her maiden initials carved on it, and contains photographs of her mother and father.

...So much love, such good memories.


Sunday, November 10, 2013


Night on the Town.

Why hello there.

I've been Polyvorin up a storm lately, such a fun way to fantasize about all the rad outfits one could wear. In my absence over the crazy exam days to come, feel free to check out the ensembles I've pieced together!


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Burgundy Dream.

Burgundy Dream.

Burgundy Dream. by lionheartvintage featuring BB Dakota

This week I'm taking part in Modcloth's weekly Polyvore challenge! We were given the adorable "Following Dreams Sweater" and told to create a look on Polyvore that incorporated it. I have to say, I've always liked the Polyvore format and have just never gotten around to trying it out. It's like photoshop BUT WAY EASIER! Fun.

Hope your week is going swimmingly!



Friday, October 25, 2013

At Long Last.

me waimea_effected


me epic beach_effected

kula jb_effected

tall palms_effected

me yellow dress_effected

kula me_effected

jb babe_effected

me flowers_effected

luau sky_effected

Hopefully just in time to counteract the autumn blues.... here's a photo dump from our Hawaiian honeymoon! Wow, it's been a while. I'm sorry for ignoring you. However I just haven't felt the need to document life on this here forum for a while. I suppose because life just seemed to be happening so intensely and on such a grand scale that talking about it more seemed both redundant and cumbersome. Things have calmed down however, and the satisfaction that comes from publicly musing, growing and sharing with you all is now back.

The honeymoon was both beautiful and, at times, overwhelming. We were still on an absolute social high from our wedding, from seeing all our beautiful friends and family in one place, from feeling loved and supported... and then we escaped. To a beautiful and sometimes troubling place. A place filled with the evidence of colonialism and consumerism... areas of which had been tailored over time to provide outsiders like us with a sense of awe and relaxation. Which it definitely succeeded at doing. We will remember our time there fondly - I loved the Maui sunsets, the Kaua'i jungles. Yet a sense of our immense privilege as white, heteronormative "honeymooners" was definitely present as we engaged with Hawaii through the lens of the tourist industry. The weirdest moment of the trip was definitely when we agreed to hear a timeshare presentation as a way to get a discount on Luau tickets.... 2 hours of being told we could afford timeshare vacation properties that we most definitely could not afford. American tourism, man. It's a whole other monster. That being said, we met some pretty rad people who were engaging with the tourism industry in interesting and creative ways. So... y'know. There was agency amidst the industry.

I really enjoyed exploring some of the shops on Kaua'i - a few really rad vintage spots that held many mumu's and straw hats of all varieties. Easy summer dressing was key: limited layers and curly mop-top hair. Can't go wrong!

Hope the sunny shots brought you some much-needed escapism, I know I'm definitely savouring the beauty as I'm sitting in my dank school library... :)


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Camping Love.

tanko viewin.




camp fire.

just behind us.

evening swim.


It's been a while. What can I say? Life got busy and beautiful and adventurous, and I got too busy living it to comprehensively document it. HOWEVER the documentation will happen - expect wedding and honeymoon photos to come! But for now, here are a bunch of photos from *the best* camping trip ever to tide you over. Who knew there was an incredible campsite on a clear fresh water lake just 1.5 hours away from Vancouver? That actually had multiple spots open during Labour Day weekend? Jackpot.

Hope you're all enjoying the last remnants of summer...

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